How to manage SHOPLINE POS inventory?


For inventory changes made by SHOPLINE 1.0 POS through purchase order, inventory transfer and counts, ShopHub supports inventory data import and multi-warehouse management for them accordingly, and ensures consistent available inventory quantity through shared inventory for various channels.


One, create SHOPLINE POS multi-warehouse management

ShopHub supports multi-location warehouse management for SHOPLINE 1.0 POS stores. When authorized SHOPLINE stores, system will automatically sync channel warehouse of SHOPLINE POS store to 「Inventory」>「Shared inventory」


1, create multiple ShopHub warehouses

Go to [Settings] > [Warehouse setting], click [Create a warehouse], you can create multiple ShopHub warehouses


2, set inventory rules:

Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Inventory update rules], then manually setup 「Inventory update rule settings」 for multi-location warehouse of SHOPLINE 1.0 stores, so as to establish one-to-one relationship between ShopHub warehouse and SHOPLINE warehouse


Once completed, 「Shared inventory」 will update available inventory quantity based on the inventory rule, and maintain the consistent inventory quantity across multiple channels.

  • modify update rule: click 「Edit」 on the action bar to modify or delete current rules
  • sync warehouse information: click 「Sync」 on the action bar to refresh SL warehouses


Two, acquire SHOPLINE 1.0 POS inventory data


1, enable 「SHOPLINE POS modify ShopHub warehouse inventory」

Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [POS modify warehouse inventory], click card 「SHOPLINE POS modify ShopHub warehouse inventory」 to enable the function


2, view and pull inventory data

Once enabled the function, click [POS inventory pulling records], then you can see information pulled in ShopHub as POS inventory data record and failure reason



1-1. Update status

In the "Update Status" column, the POS order data pull status will be displayed, and "Update Successful" or "Update Failed" will be displayed.

If the POS inventory acquisition fails, the specific failure reason will be displayed in "Update Failure". The possible failure reasons are as follows:

  • Channel warehouse is not connectd to ShopHub SKU
  • Channel SKU is not connectd to ShopHub SKU
  • The ShopHub SKU connected to the channel SKU is not added to the ShopHub warehouse connected to the channel warehouse
  • The ShopHub SKU connected to the channel SKU is the combined SKU of ShopHub, and the ShopHub inventory cannot be modified

1-2: Operation Type
Operation type refers to the operations performed by SHOPLINE POS orders in the background, which are divided into three categories: purchase, stocktake and transfer.