V1.3.8 App Center and Partial Deduction added

One, partial deduction on order

1, deduct stock: supports deducting stock for a single order under 「Shipped」 or 「Delivered」 status. Only part of SKU in the order allowed to be deducted

2, added item 「Auto deduct」, supports deduction for the whole/part of the order



Two, added 「Application」 and changed modules of order fulfillment priority

1, [App] menu bar added 「Application」, supports installation & uninstallation of App 「Order fulfillment priority」



2, [Order fulfillment priority ] rule settings of original order fulfillment priority has been migrated to order fulfillment page



Three, SL1.0 multi-warehouse and POS added

1, supports SL1.0 multi-warehouse system, allows to maintain connections of SL1.0 warehouse and local warehouse



2, new setting item 「SHOPLINE POS modify ShopHub warehouse inventory」 added. Once enabled and executed allocating, purchasing, and counting for inventory SL1.0 POS, system will sync the inventory data to ShopHub and modify connected SKU inventory