V1.3.7 Negative inventory shipment added and adjustment on menu bar

One, [Setting] added new function Negative inventory shipment

1. setting item 「Supports negative inventory for order deduction」 added in 「Settings」>「Function setting」>「Inventory setting」

2. once enabled, you can deduct the warehouse inventory to a negative value for order shipment and stock deduction



Two, Menu bar adjustment

1. canceled [Authorization]: authorization of channels and logistics service providers have been migrated separately into module 「Settings」 and 「Logistics」, 「Manual stores」 and 「Channel stores」 have been combined into 「Store settings」

2. [Logistics]: 「Logistics service provider management」 and 「Logistics rules」 have been combined under menu 「Logistics」



Three, [Product] when bulk edit prices for products of library and channel products, new method added as Adjust based on percentage of original price/selling price + fixed amount



Four, [Permission setting] when create and edit roles, combine draft box and online product menu as channel products