How to manage my post sales?

ShopHub supports linking to social account, so that you can quickly publish posts on the social media page and start post sales.

For the description about linking to a social account, please refer to:How to link to Facebook Page?


This article contains:

1. install the extension

2. create a post template

3. manage and create posts

4.Uninstall post sales extension


STEP 1, install the extension

Go to menu bar > [Apps] > [Application center], click [Post sales] > [Installations] > [Authorize and install] > [Use now], then complete plugin installation




Once completed installation, click [Use it now] to enter the post sales extention



If you have not authorized your social account, click "Connect Social Account", ShopHub will automatically jump to "Settings" > "Social Media Account" > "facebook"

For the description about linking to a social account, please refer to:How to link to Facebook Page?


STEP 2, create a post template

Enter [Applications] > [Post sales] interface, click [Template management] and enter the management interface

  • ShopHub provide you 2 set of primary post templates



1, create a post template

Click [+Create a template] at the top right corner


You can create your custom post template in this interface; when inserted bottom [Product variable] in the template, system will automatically fill in corresponding fields

  • Final template style displayed at right side of the interface



2, modify and delete template

In the template management interface, you can click [Edit] to modify your post templates, or click [Delete] to remove them

  • If the template status is being taken(there are posts in the draft box using the template), you are not allowed to delete the template.
  • You can have 100 post templates at the same time


STEP 3, manage and create posts

1, create a post

Enter [Post sales] interface, click [Create a post] and enter the creation interface


In post creation interface, please complete post content and information, then ShopHub will automatically fill entered title and selected product information in the post template, and quickly integrate them into a complete post.

  • Final post style preview at right side



2, manage posts

In [Post sales] interface, there are two tabs as [Draft] and [Published]

  • In the [Draft] interface, you can modify, delete and publish scheduled posts
  • Successfully published posts will be put in [Published]



Uninstall post sales extension

Go to [Apps] > [Application center] > [Post sales], click [Uninstall] to remove the post sales plugin