V1.3.6 Combo SKU and product bulk editing added

One, bulk editing function added in online product interface
1, all tabs in the online product page support bulk editing data



2, Lazada only supports bulk editing data in draft box



Two, automatic product association now available
Publish products from 「Product library」 to channels through 「Add to store」. Once completed, consistent SKU combo in both channel and product library will be associated automatically, and corresponding channel logo will be unlocked in "Sales channel" of these products.


Three, combo SKU
1, supports to create combo SKU in the interface 「Inventory」>「Warehouse inventory」


2, [Order] added combo SKU logo and order operations
(1) 「Combo SKU」 logo will be added when associated ShopHub SKU is exactly the local combo SKU, and products under local combo SKU will be displayed under the combo SKU
(2) operations for inventory deduction, order fulfillment, deduct stock will be executed with combo SKU as a whole


Four, [Order shipment/Order fulfillment] page added filters for pre-sale orders, POS orders, COD orders and manual orders



Five, 「Account cancellation」 added in 「Personal center」, supports account cancellation only for main account