How to use multi-warehouse management

ShopHub supports unified management for multi-location warehouses, you can create multiple warehouses in ShopHub, process inbounds and shipments as well as sharing inventories for them.


One, create multiple warehouses

Go to [Settings] > [Warehouse setting], click [Create a warehouse] at top right corner, you can create multiple warehouses

  • You can create at most 10 warehouses
  • Each user has a default warehouse

In this interface, you can also 「Delete」 and 「Edit」 current warehouses.


Two, multi-warehouse inventory deduction: set warehouse allocation rule

1, set warehouse allocation rule
Go to [Settings] > [Order setting] > [Order warehouse], click [Setting] at the right side, you can setup default outbound warehouses for each store


2, modify 「Outbound warehouse」
In interface 「Ship Orders」, click 「Edit」 and enter order details page, then click 「Switch warehouse」 to change outbound warehouse for the order

  • One order can only be fulfilled from one warehouse
  • When the order is successfully shipped, system will automatically deduct warehouse inventory



3, order inventory deduction

  • Enabled 「Automatic deduction」:
    When the order status is 「Shipped」 or 「Delivered」, system will automatically deduct inventory for the order SKU and corresponding outbound warehouse
  • Manual deduction:
    When the order status is 「Shipped」 or 「Delivered」, you can click 「Deduct stock」 on the right side of the order to deduct inventory quantity for either current or another warehouse



Three, warehouse inventory details

On the top of interface 「Inventory」>「Warehouse inventory」, click tab 「Warehouse inventory details」 and click the filter button on the top right corner, you can view inventory details of dirrefent warehouses

Four, add products into multiple warehouses

Accordingly, you can also add your products of the library into multiple warehouses.

1, automatic inbound

Go to 「Settings」>「Function setting」>「Automatic warehousing of products」, enable the automatic warehousing of products so that products of library will be automatically added into the warehouse.

once setup is completed, products of library will be automatically added into those warehouses


2, manual inbound

In the interface 「Product library」, select products you want to add into the warehouse, then click 「Add to warehouse」. You can select multiple warehouses at the same time and add corresponding products into them.