V1.3.5 New multi-location warehouse management

One, [Inventory] with new warehouse module and multi-warehouse management
1, 「Warehouse」 module added, supports creating new warehouses and managing, deleting warehouses, one default warehouse is enabled for each account.

2, 「Shared inventory」 settings moved into 「Warehouse」 module, interface 「Inventory update rule」 added;

3, 「Warehouse inventory」 changed to 2 tabs, 「Inventory summary」 and 「Warehouse inventory details」 display separately the inventory of all SKUs and inventory data of all warehouses



Two, [Product] for updates of multi-warehouse management
1, 「Warehouse」 added in function 「Add to warehouse」 in the interface 「Product library」, you can add SKUs to selected warehouses

2, warehouse option added in product setting 「Automatic stocking」, system will select 「default warehouse」 by default for users who have already enabled this setting.

3, when products are added to store, system will no longer get warehouse inventory value for 「Inventory」 fields automatically, with replacing it by an input box

If products are added to SL 2.0 stores, system will add them to the first inventory location by default.


4, 「Inventory」 fields in the product listing page of SHOPLINE 2.0 channel product interface support multi-location maintenance for channel inventory



Three, [Order] with new interface [Warehouse allocation rules] and multi-warehouse management functions

1, interface [Warehouse allocation rules] added for order module with each warehouse connecting default warehouse automatically, modifications are allowed


2, Order fulfillment and assignment details page support switching warehouse of outbound


3, supports manual inventory deduction and automatic deduction